Osua Laaka Go set

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Osua Laaka Go is a new fascinating table game. Actually 4 games in one stylish package. This set contains additional game boards for Kurli and Rivi, and a scoreboard.

Osua Laaka Go Bundle contains everything you need to have a perfect gaming experience.


width 585mm, length 3250mm, height 740mm


Osua Laaka Go table game base with Reuna and Kolo boards

Additional boards for Kurli and Rivi

Pigeonhole box for Kolo

Osua score board

3 sets of Osua game pucks (red, green and blue)

A stand to hold additional boards when not in use

Osua Laaka Go is made mostly of Finnish birch plywood, layered with custom made laminate. It´s strong and made to last for years.

This game is for indoor use only

Complete your Osua Laaka Go -set with Osua Laaka Go -cases, and you can carry your game easily anywhere.

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Kurli is a game for 2 players. This game is designed to meet the needs of competitive gamers. Extra points are awarded to those who get the perfect toss into the center nest. Once you start, you will not want to stop.


A game for up to 3 players. Try to place your pucks. on high score areas - it´s harder than you think. And when you get that perfect 5 point toss, your opponent has a chance to knock off your puck. You will most probably want it once more.


Kolo is an exciting game that you can play it by yourself or with a friend. Toss your pucks into score holes to set new records.


Try to knock all your pucks out of the circle. But beware of Limppu (the brown puck)! It's an instant loss if you knock it out. This game requires both focus to get very precise tosses and good strategic thinking. Rivi is a game for two players (or two teams), and played from opposing ends of the table.