Osua Laaka Go set

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Osua Laaka Go is a new fascinating table game. Actually 4 games in one stylish package. In addition to basic game board (Reuna and Kolo), this set contains additional game boards for Kurli and Rivi, and a scoreboard.

Osua Laaka Go Basic details.


width 585mm, length 3250mm, height 740mm


Osua Laaka Go table game base including Reuna and Kolo boards

Pigeonhole box for Kolo

2 sets of Osua game pucks (red and green)

Osua Laaka Go is made mostly of Finnish birch plywood, layered with custom made laminate. It´s strong and made to last for years.

This game is for indoor use only

Complete your Osua Laaka Go table game with Osua Laaka Go -cases, and you can carry your game easily anywhere.

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A game for up to 3 players. Try to place your pucks. on high score areas - it´s harder than you think. And when you get that perfect 5 point toss, your opponent has a chance to knock off your puck. You will most probably want it once more.


Kolo is an exciting game that you can play it by yourself or with a friend. Toss your pucks into score holes to set new records.

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